Posted on: 15-04-2014

Midweek tip of the hat. New show has flown the nest.
It’s 45 and this month I’m chuffed to say it’s me and the stellar RITCHRD on selector duties.

So it’s me for a bit and then ya man and then me for a bit more.
We kick off the show with some exceptional bitter sweet courtesy of Long Arm ft I.V.A & drum collaborator Ruslan G. It’s an incredible thing but sadly it’s been released because it’s the only surviving song off Long Arm’s next album for Project Mooncircle that was lost last month! Get it, mourn it, I swear when I heard that had happened a tear came out my eye.
Looking forward to the new Apollo Brown instrumental album ‘Thirty Eight’ due on Mello Music soon. Apollo without tired rappers is always a treat. We got the sneak ‘The Answer’ which is heavily on the DJ Shadow tip. If you don’t like Green Assassin Dollar, you might wanna stop listening to ADTRAX for a bit. Two more belters from three new projects turned out this month. I would have put more on but I felt mancrush ashamed.
What else, 2 tracks featuring rapper Oliver the 2nd, the guest spot on the beatless Jonwayne Annie-Mac freebie and in tandem with Jeremiah Jae on the Ka-esque ‘Survival’.
There are 2 tracks from label to watch Rap Vacation’s Family Jams Vol.1. Proper excited about this splinter cell of fractured nextnuss. 2, lots of 2’s, from the excellent new DIBIASE ‘Excuse the Tape Hiss’ EP. One from the quality De La Dilla tribute beattape, always nice to see some Dilla tributes that don’t suck.

Kickdrums and ‘tronics from a number of directions including some nice electrictech from datassettes excellent record for R&S, ace Zapp-monstrous cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “The Makings Of You’ by Chromadadata, biggun from Pomo, All build-up from the man-of-the-mo Leon Vynehall and lots of other shiny things to caw about.

Sandwiched in between that lot is a proper pearl of where-it’s-at courtesy of San Fran’s RITCHRD.
Been an absolute pleasure getting to know this dude a little bit over the course of this month or so. When I approach people about doing guestos I am always saying ‘just do what ever you want, do something creative, something that feels like you.’ Well mission accomplished. Now you are able to hear what a nitrazepam disco ball of 5% tint hip hop energy unleashed through malfunctioning future music technology sounds like. Need a break from your waking nightmare of capitalist realism? Been waiting 25 years for a new World Class Wreckin’ Cru album? Yes, thought so, then spark one up and clear the decks for this perfectly paced bit of right-on featuring SENSEI HIMSELF, Culp, BOLO YEUNG, XXYYXX and a shtload more with, gasp, 3 poison-umbrella-top-secret rubs from the man hisself.

All of RITCHRD’s new music is delivered through Soundcloud and Bandcamp so I advise you to go and press follow on those because there is compelling evidence to suggest there is going to be something with a yield-to-weight ratio of 6 megatons appearing on those web addresses in the next year or so. If you haven’t already been bumping the little bit too good MAGICHATBOY joint from a couple of months, stop being silly, and click here please. You want drum lessons, you can get them here by listening to this track ‘thousand.’

If you want to get to know more about this mysterious night creature, then well good luck to ya, he doesn’t really do self-hype, although a twitter follow will provide you with some political leanings, some witticisms and a koan or two.

Or you could read this, which is an interview that I didn’t have with him & gawd bless him for signing it off!


Next month, vurr happy to say homie Blameful Isles (Honks Burry) will be providing guest action. Gonna be a deep one.

Hope you enjoy. Lv lv Duchamp.


Posted on: 31-03-2014

Big show folks. There’s a lot of it about this month, and WYWRadio is bring it to you. It’s a bit all over the place – this must be the only place online where St. Vincent’s ‘Digital Witness’ is followed by Leroy and the Drivers “Sad Chicken’ but that’s the beauty of podcasting I guess.

I still can’t get enough of the Numero ‘Forecasting the Purple Snow’ comp so we’re following Leroy with two from there – the Prophets of Peace encourage us to get it on while Cohesion show they are more than capable of rhyming cohesion with reason. Top tunes.

After that back to some old school stuff: Double Dee and Steinski blew me away when I first heard it (it’s from 1983! I heard it later though!) and it still rocks today. Then a couple of Paul C productions for Stezo and Main Source keep it fresh for 89, while Black Milk and Shad do it for 2013/2014.

All new releases next: a re-rub by Tall Black Guy of Sade’s ‘Sweetest Taboo’, the first of two from the excellent Panoram album, something by Airbird (Joel Ford!) and Napolian and a nugget by Onra from a new compilation on Colette records. Paxton Fettel channels Billy Paul (I swear it’s got a lift from Me and Mrs Jones in there) for ‘Onlydaisy’ from his new EP before we grab more newness from Rumpistol and the mighty Heterotic. I had no idea Mike Paradinas was capable of this kinda smooth.

Left turn. Ace English/French combo Francois and the Atlas Mountains give us the first track off of their new LP, and Micah P. Hinson gives us the last track off of his. Both good indeed.

Back the snapping it: Soulection have a nice compilation of three years of releases available for free on Bandcamp right now and we give you Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie’s ‘Stiller See’. Am guessing it’s not a tribute to Ben, but maybe I haven’t listened to the lyrics carefully enough. Panoram then return with a second ace cut ‘The Pacific Command’.

Into the final straight. Yam Who gives an orchestral mix to Pharrell and the result is lovely. 6th Borough project do what they do best, which is slow discohouseness. Tom Trago ups the pace, as is his wont. Maricopa take us to the Balearics, while The Central Executives take us to dark disco places in New York. Tip – get that lp!

To finish: The War on Drugs. Super album, nice long song to say goodnight to. Until next time…

Click the track list below to jump to where you can buy the tracks!


Posted on: 15-03-2014

Greetings. This ere is Adtrax 44 AKA newshitplus for the month of March in the year of our earth mother 2014.

Very happy to have roped in a man like Peter Fernandes AKA Spacedtime to pilot the goodship Adtrax for the final hour of this show. Even more glad, that given a blank canvas he has decided to bomb it with jazz colours, more specifically the deep red, yellow, green and gunmetal of some serious astro-afro business.

New music first tho, out like a dragster with B 3 N B i ’s cyberswang re-slap of The Singers for Jazz Jousters, it’s free, you need, cop the DL here. After that, one of the many dope things out by Aru2 at the mo, and some choice brass swag from Iman Omari’s new EP. We unsheathe 2 impeccable pieces of Japanese wordsmithery courtesy of GAGLE and MVTEN over a tremendous beat forged by Adtrax’s current no1 sample merchant – Green Assassin Dollar.

There’s a ton of beats and electronic mischief obviously – new Ackryte, beauty off the Babel Metis ‘Nocebo’ album, a gravity warper from Vendredi, Like takes Lauren Hill to chuuuch with aplomb and there’s a straight dastardly smear of trapsamba duttyness from Noo Bap.

More good synthboog this month including one with early ‘albums of the year list’ credentials from DOC Mastermind. Talking of which, this new Chester Watson project ‘Tin Wooki’ is too good! 16 years fkn old! Seriously. Lot’s of tracks on there produced by hisbadself and also by Psymun putting a cherry on top of the fine mic arts, but we got the supremely dope ‘Yetti’ produced by undercover agent of tomorrow – Damacha.

Cripes if there aint some Terrorrhythm in there too off the new Skit record before I pull the AC lead out and unwind serenely for 3.36 seconds courtesy of Walrus Ghost who has a beauty of an album out now on the always-next Project Mooncircle label.

So, to the big Spacedtime guest mix. If you have checked the Spacedtime Q&A from earlier in the month you will know this dude has a Madlibian sized Sun Ra fetish – this guest selection is gonna help you to join the dots between Mr Fernandes’ sound and that of the almighty Herman Blount. So, get lotus, and take a deep, circular breath, you’re about to get a merciless blowback of cosmic consciousness. Excuse the raving, but after having had the pleasure of chatting to this cat over the last couple of months, it’s clear that we both got abused by jazz in the crib!

So it’s the deep, the righteous, the soaring, the beauteous and the sometime’s difficult to comprehend sounds of Archie Sheep and Don Cherry. The reifying chords of Ronnie Boykins, Alice Coltrane, and Wadada Leo Smith. Plus, of course, the fathom’s dark ululations of Sun Ra bringing you a level of musicianship that is only possible for mortals who are on heroin, or own horns made from spacedust, or if they are driven to levels of genius beyond reckoning by a race war and a 50 year battle with their own testicles.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of spacedtimebeats and as none are present here (for once) I advise you level up for something special spawned by jazz but not jazz, a unique strain of it cooked up with catatonic-juke, block chords and blunted shards of afro-futurism.

Dude has some sick new things in the pipeline too, starting with his Manifest EP out March 16th and another tape release on DigDugDIY before the end of April.

Next time on Adtrax more mind blowing for you courtesy of a guest mix from Ritchrd. Listen to this and get moist with anticipation. Big thanks to Ivan for last month’s collabo.

Love n blessins

Mr Duchamp aka ill bevans


Posted on: 26-02-2014

Second show of the year and already there’s plenty to play. Obviously WYWRadio wasn’t on top of things in 2013 though, or else we would have picked up on this week’s tremendous show-starter – Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ through the prism of the Electric Peanut Butter Company. It’s a helluva start.

Eddie Russ gives the jazz-funk next, then more from BBE’s Americana comp (and to think, we’ve still not touched volume 2!) from the Midnight Flyer and something off the new Broken Bells LP to keep the production plump.

Just in case you missed it (how could you?) Moodyman has a new album out and it’s a killer. There’s about 400 tracks of awesomeness on it but the one liked here is Lyk U Use 2 – a surefire hit in the manner of Hey Ya! if there was any justice in the world…

Andrew Ashong. I need say no more.

Paxton Fettel. Well, I hadn’t heard of him either but this is lushness from last year, plus he has a new EP out which I have in store for#64. From Denmark via Torquay apparently.

Paul Hill gives us this show’s second track on Moody’s Mahogoni records and it’s a keeper, as is the new LP from Illum Sphere which has four lush vocal tracks featuring Shadowbox. Is good. Cooly G is also good.

De La Soul gave away all their albums for free on digital download a few weeks back and there were some problems (not least the fact that the files they were giving away were pirated ones!) but the thought and sentiment were solid – cheers fellas! We go back in time with the Steely Dan-sampling ‘Eye Know’ before hitting up two more old school tracks from Lakim Shabazz and the UK’s early 90s finest, MC Mell ‘O’.

Change a pace with the man from the most mournful band of all time (MBOAT) The Red House Painters, now trading some brilliant songs under the name of Sun Kil Moon. Sing a long stuff from him with ‘Ben’s My Friend’, I challenge you not to be singing ‘Sports bar shit…’ under your breath over the next few days.

Then we change it all again, and head to Minneapolis via the 80s throwback of Turquoise Summers. Numero hit the ball out of the park just before Christmas with a massive retrospective of pre-Prince Minneapolis and all you need to know is that you must own their comp ‘Forecasting the Purple Snow’. Early tracks from WYWRadio fav Alexander O’Neal and then Robbie Robbins are what you get here.

We get a bit more electronic but no less funky from the Dead Rose Music Company, Innermind and then some edit I can’t find the name of on Secret Mixes Fixes.

Final stretch: The Undisputed Truth feature for a second show in a row with Spaced out, Myron and E Dance the Night Away (from a GREAT album in 2013, Cold Game) and then – whoa – Jazzanova are back with their new single ‘Now There Is We’. German pop I say.

I wanted to leave you with a smile so I bought forth Sterling Void’s classic ‘It’s Alright.’. It’s alright!


Posted on: 15-02-2014

Adtrax 43 it is. Chuffed to be joined by my homie Ivan Ave on selection duties for this round up of all that’s dopest in new music since the turn of the year.

Aint heard of Ivan? Well you aint been spending enough time in Oslo or enough time listening to Adtrax. All you need to know is that this dude has better lyrics then 98% of the rap community (in his 2nd language) has sublime story telling ability (it’s basically poetry but don’t tell anyone) and a knack of spittin lines that stay with you after the beat’s done.

Nuff gush son and back to the mix. It’s Uni-Mind style. Expect it heavily soulful with outbreaks of boom bap, weird time sigs and bouts of controlled pensiveness.

We got Hip Hop from Stik Figa & Big Pooh, Oddisee, Phife from ATCQ, Uno Hype n more. Beats from Shag, 10th Letter, Green Assassin Dollar, Mndsgn, an exclusive from B 3 N B i and hold tight for the monster show closer from Lidly.

There’s soul from Fatima, Jordan Rakei, Mariam Selah & Kelela – Boogie from Devonwho, Sasc, and Hongry Bogart and stuff that beggars classification from the rest.

Hope you enjoy. Next month, man like Spacedtime delivers the collabo.

In the meantime please go check out all of Ivan’s momentous wordplay and cross your legs for the EP with Fred Fades out shortly on King Underground shortly:



Posted on: 28-01-2014

Bonza. WYWRadio drops #62 aka the first show of 2014 and it’s a moody winter warmer. Beats to kick off first from the free download fest that begun at the end of last year – big drums from !llmind which apparently Kanye didn’t use, then magic from the outtakes selection FlyLo dropped just before Christmas, and then finally the wonderful Dream Ache from GP’s track-of-the-year man, Lone. All still available for you – follow the links on

Then we’re backtracking – The Abstract Eye go kinda 80s beats on their Eglo release from last Spring, before Oneohtrix Point Never has modulated children’s choirs lull us all to sleep with the wonderful Chrome County. That’s followed by a cheeky demo from Nightmoves – I’ll be darned if I can find it again online. Did I just dream it?

Two more from 2013, the Ambient Jazz Ensemble which I think has some Cinematic Orchestra folks in there somewhere, then Fatima’s December single which is reet nice.

By this time we’ve taken the temperature down to winter levels, and Rosie Lowe keeps it there. Big things are expected from Rosie, and she’s on the money here. Another 2013 one I missed next, from John LaMonica and Rumpistol – channelling Radiohead yes, but channelling them well.

God next. Not actually contributing a track, but apparently a message that Robert Vanderbilt intercepted. Then the Motown God – Norman Whitfield – gives us something murky and mysterious from The Undisputed Truth. The LP is comes off – The Cosmic Truth – is an absolute must-own, in WYWRadio’s opinion.

Then we get West Coasty with Leon Lowman and then the Tender Leaf off the excellent BBE compilation Americana Vol. 1. Theo Parrish keeps the sun shining in the winter months with ‘A Long Walk in Your Sun’ – ten minutes of bumping bliss.

Theo opens the door to some housey sounds – Alex Burkat (taken from the great John Talabot DJ Kicks comp), Daniele Baldelli, Den La Desh (Rotterdam!), Tensnake (expect large promo for them in advance of a March lp), an insane edit of The Walker Brothers (of all people), and the fantastic rare unreleased version of Candido’s ‘Thousand Finger Man’. Minimal disco. Top that with a lovely mix of Dinosaur L’s ‘Kiss Me Again’ and it’s nearly done – the lights are turned out by the Australian pop of Panama (it’s summer down there!) and we’re out. See you next time on WYWRadio. Oh, and tell your friends about us. Oh, and remember if you like the tracks you can visit the website and find links to buy!


b3nbi - adtrax42minimini
Posted on: 15-01-2014

1st Adtrax of 2014 and we go big early doors with an hour of earchampagne curated by homie and beatmaking supremo B 3 N B i before an hour of me trying to follow what went previously.

B 3 N B i is a beatmaker from Tucson AZ, a big favourite at ADTRAX towers so we’re blessed to collabo on this first roundup of new music for this year. B’s mix is straight beat-tape power with tracks from two of his big inspirations Ackryte and Prof.Logik, lo-fi dopeness from sleepyeyes, theres music from fellow Tucsonan RND1, 2 from Chaos Kid including an ill unreleased remix by B 3 N B 1 himself and an epic upbeat finish in the form of 18sense and Kenja’s anthemic ‘Lefty’

Please go check out all of B 3 N B i’s work cos..well you’ll see:

Expect big things from the man this year so get your follow on and stalk him all over social media if you have to. Also have a squizz at his excellent Q&A with me over at the adtrax cotch spot.

So how to follow that, gave it a go with the help of new lyrical genius from Danny Watts and Ivan Ave. My tune of Jan comes in the shape of Kaligraph E’s EarlKlughsian joy injection ‘Potency’ off the ItalDred ‘Beginnings’ comp. There’s new music from the forthcoming Linn Mori EP on Cascade out of Paris, yet another monster from mr.carmack, ultra heaviness from Zygote, and a track from the choice new Rain Dog record.

Full commentaries, trivia/deepness, full 50 track stong tracklist and links to all the artist sites and DLs are up over at the adtrax home world and hold tight for some more guest curations in coming months including Ivan Ave and Spacedtime.


Posted on: 28-12-2013

Mein Gott! 2013 was a bountiful year indeed for lovers of fine tunes. Now, I’ve tried to upload this bumper (2hrs 45ish!) podcast about seven times now so I’ll be keeping these notes brief. As is now traditional, join WYWRadio on a voyage through the year’s best folk (James Blake), barnyard soul (Eska), classic soul (Lady,) chicken shack soul (Valerie June), Queen of Soul 21st century style (Alice Russell), constipated pop (Autre ne Veut), Pop (Blood Orange), sidedrums (Theo Parrish and Tony Allen, with the awesome Andrew Ashong and Eska (reprise)), android sexual cyberpop (Janelle Monae), club-based ecstasy confusion (Thundercat), purepost-Outcastpop (Pharrell) west coast (Jonathan Wilson), southern (Night Moves), east coast (the National), the North (Johnny Marr), blue skies (Mikal Cronin), gutter shouting (King Krule), track off of WYWRadio’s album of the year (Califone), bedroom (Philip Owusu), motown (Tall Black Guy), hairy beats (Jonwayne), church beats (Black Milk), dangerous driving (Max Essa), comebacksmooth (Zero 7), houseytracksallmixedtogetherwithsomealarmingtimechanges (Beautiful Swimmers, James Welsh, Alex Burkat, Fort Romeau, Kon, Bobby Browser, Heterotic), purpleshiners (Lone), beachbardisco (Todd Terje), ubiquitousNileRodgers-ness (Daft Punk). It’s all there, it’s all WYWR, it’s all yours. Enjoy and see you in 2014!

Click on the tracks below for links to buy!

VS 2013: Twenty Thirteen: Fear, Uncertainty, Disco

Posted on: 16-12-2013

9246624311_65294cf9e0_b (1)

Twenty thirteen, all secrets and spying, disco and dancing. We begin with new work by cellist Oliver Coates, the PRAH label’s debut release. Don’t be fooled, it starts quiet but does’t stay that way for long. The Knife put on one of the most baffling shows of the year (imagine, “and now, the solid gold dancers!”) and Shaking the Habitual is difficult, dark listening. But these are strange times, and the percussion on Wrap Your Arms Around Me could be the best of any track this year. Burial brings up the atmosphere on Hiders, released just in time to make the best of. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. But it’s probably just too much Grand Theft Auto V – Age of Consent’s thumping track comes from the in-game soundtrack. The excellently named Big Data explore the repercussions of their name and Facebook’s privacy policies in a cautionary take about sharing too much online in Dangerous. Autre Ne Veut escalates the emotion on the followup to his debut, Anxiety, on Counting.

Ethereal, lush Woman is best not attempted anytime soon at karaoke, and is followed up by Goodnight from what must be the most anticipated not-yet-announced album, from Philip Owusu. Bringing the tempo back up, it’s time to dance without intention thanks to Holy Ghost! “Put it off, and wait for another day” Well alright, then. Put it off is just what I’ve been doing with my running regimen which has turned to dust, but earlier in the year Disclosure provided the regular soundtrack with Defeated No More battling with Help Me Lose My Mind for favourite track. Lusine cover Electronic’s Get the Message followed by one of DJ Ringfinger’s favourites, Public Service Broadcasting, taking their samples from Prelinger films. A joyful evening was had by many of us this year at Punchdrunk Theatre’s The Drowned Man in London, Melt Yourself Down’s track We Are Enough soundtracks the finale wrapping up 3 hours of dance, doom, running after actors, and trying to work out what just happened, really. If nothing makes sense anymore, then it makes perfect sense for Arcade Fire to ask, “Do you like rock n’ roll music? Cuz I don’t know if I do…”

Another of DJ Ringfinger’s votes for Low leads off a trio of women. Carla Morrison is a rising star in Mexico, a special edition of Dejenme Llorar was released this year. Through her I fell into music in a big way this year. On the more electronic end, Juana Molina returns with a swooning, huge new album.

After Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a tune from my album of the year: Serengeti’s Kenny Dennis LP. Kenny Dennis is a character-based concept album. Kenny being a Chicago-based rapper from the outfit Grim Teachers. He raps a lot about nutrition, getting lost, 5K challenges, and directions to Reno. In between, we’re introduced to stories about KD’s time on Powerball (“crush Nitro to the wall”), his protege Anders, wife Jules, and the Sharper Image on Michigan Avenue. “This will make sure that you don’t suggest to the KD’s he should grow greens instead of crunching out MC’s!” It’s a bit daft, but it makes me smile a whole lot, and rewards repeat listens of which there have been many for me this year.

Twenty thirteen’s headlines of fear, uncertainty and doubt can be found throughout a number of these cuts from Big Data to The Knife, but hey, if we’re going to go out with everything laid bare, we may as well go out dancing with a more upbeat take than ever take on the year that was – Janelle Monae implores us to dance towards the apocalypse before we wrap it all up with a song that you can’t help but move your feet to, Happy.

Until next year!

Cello And Autoharps – Oliver Coates
Wrap Your Arms Around Me – The Knife
Hiders – Burial
Colours – Age of Consent
Dangerous – Big Data
Counting – Autre Ne Veut
Woman – Rhye
Goodnight – Philip Owusu
Dumb Disco Ideas – Holy Ghost!
Defeated No More – Disclosure
Get the Message – Lusine
Theme from PSB – Public Service Broadcasting
We Are Enough – Melt Yourself Down
Normal Person – Arcade Fire
Just Make it Stop – Low
Disfruto – Carla Morrison
Lo Decidí Yo – Juana Molina
From the Sun – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
West of Western – Serengeti
Dance Apocalyptic – Janelle Monae
Happy – Pharrell Williams


Posted on: 15-12-2013

Crimbo! Tis the season to grind your teeth down to bloody jags trying to make a two hour Best Of show out of a 6 hour All Winners playlist (Scary full list at Tis the season to give up eventually with head in hands, sozzled from desert-wine-interfacing and headphone-ensnaring chair-headnoddage and just get in the mix and see what happens.
Your joking if you think I have the mental strength for a commentary on this amount of goodness but here are some faux Adtrax awards for stand out achievements in emotional eructation in the year of our oh lawd 2013.

Best Album – Go Yama ‘Mobius Strips’
Best Compilation Series – Cosmic Compositions
Track most likely to make salt come out my eye – Olafur Arnalds ‘For Now I Am Winter’ feat. Arnor Dan
Most inspirational dance manoeuvres – Devonte Hynes
Track I came closest to swindling off the web cos I wanted it so bad but couldn’t flippin DL it – TFOX ‘Dear Sandy’
Songs most likely to induce dribbling at thought of follow up – Philip Owusu ‘Goodnight’ and Andrew Ashong ‘Special’
Fave rewonk – J Dilla & Frank n Dank – Game Over (Robot Orchestra Remix)
Dopest production talent for 14 – Brrd ..again
Illest wordsmithery in the pursuit of realness – Ivan Ave ‘Hands’
Most Todd Terje sounding dancefloor destroying deepdisco nonsense – Todd Terje ‘Strandbar’

Lux Natura – An Eclipse

Shigeto – Soul Searching

GO Yama – Choose The Last Door

Omari T. – War’s Blessing

Spacedtime – Turtle

Orlando Voorn – The Realness

Leon Vynehall – Brother

Mr. Carmack – Death

ESTA – Alina Baraz – Paradise (Prod. By ESTA.)

96wrld – Slave

Strange U – Klaatu Barada Nikto

Cappo – Iron Flyer [Boot Remix]

Omar – The Man

Saint Pepsi – Skylar Spence

Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko)

Thundercat – Heartbreaks + Setbacks

Bibio – You

Atoms for Peace – Ingenue

Jonathan Wilson – Fanfare

Bonobo – First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend)

James Blake – Retrograde

Brrd – Blood Oath feat. Lord Byron

Ivan Ave – Hands (prod. by Fredfades)

GAGLE – (Good to Go)

Philip Owusu Goodnight

FiJi & Long Arm – Reunion

KRTS – Sunrise Over Warschauer (Sieren Remix)

Notuv – Hiatus

Nils Frahm – Peter (Clark Remix)

BMB SpaceKid – Up to the Galaxy (feat.Sophie Pearce)

Christoph El Truento – G a l a x y