Posted on: 13-09-2014

The delay! Two weeks late with my homework and the shame is burning strong. But not to worry – WYWR has mo’ tunes and plenty of newness to welcome you back…

A bit of muddy production if you ask me, but the fire is burning strong in the new track by We Are Shining. Eska is in there in the mix somewhere, I can’t quite draw her out but I do like the track.

Beats are in plentiful supply this week. Ahwlee has something new out on Bandcamp which is well worth a listen – you get ‘antwuan fishn’ (yeah, I cant say it either) and then that’s followed with newness from the one and only Diggs Duke, now on Brownswood. Like that.

Cazal Organism channels Sade, then we get into the track I like the most off the album that a lot of people seem to like recently by FKA Twigs. I gotta say the jury is still out for me – it’s kinda one-paced but maybe I got to give it some serious headphones or something. You guys get ‘Video Girl’.

Laura Groves is the lead singer in Nautic who are all up in Bullion’s stable, and she had an EP out last year that ‘Pale Shadows’ is from. Is nice and sets us up for a west coast vibe with an edit of ‘Glass Off’ by Bearnie Leadon (ex-Eagles) and Michael Georgiades Band and then a sweet one by The Steve Miller Band. Steve Miller Band on WYWR!

Fuxa seem like a great outfit I’ve missed, so I’ve thrown up Fuxa for your listening pleasure. After that it’s something from the Music from Memory label which has only put out three things I think, but they’re all great. The most recent LP is by Joan Bibloni and it’s got boogie and Balearic on there, as well as some insane cultish track on side two. Have decided to go with the almost 80s George Duke-like ‘Sa Fosca’ this time out.

A bit of a vinly section for the middle of the show, digging some funk, soul and disco. Massive Attack sampled Lowrell’s ‘Mellow Mellow Right On’ so that’s served up for you, then Barrabas give a nice New York vibe for ‘Mellow Blow’, followed by The Natural Four, Eddie Kendricks going up in smoke, and then Bileo’s ‘You Can Win’ (which is actually a digital re-issue).

African disco funk! One from Zambia by Witch, and then another from Ghana by Nana Love. Enjoy.

Tempo goes up for the final part of the show. Ennio Styles on the remix for Kerbside Collection, the new Leon Vynehall (always excellent, from what I can tell), DJ Raw Sugar with the new production, then an edit by Werkshy of ‘It’s Gonna be Alright’ by Change.

Zero 7 slowly move towards a new album with ‘Simple Science’ which is off an EP with three other nice tracks. And then to finish – Panama give it their big piano thing with ‘Stay Forever’. Another winner on Future Classic from down under.

And that’s your lot. Another one very soon come.


Posted on: 07-08-2014

Oh my. New music keeps on coming folks. This time out we’re immersed in disco and house, with a fair bit of the mellow stuff…

Hotlane are straight outta Berlin, and they’re on the up. Check ‘Whenever’ and get in the mood. Then get in your car and drive to your holiday destination and while you’re doing that, play the Paqua LP. You won’t regret it. The ace track ‘We Came Far’ gives you the album vibe in just one song.

Then the return of Herbert! He is back! And he has bought his melodic-house-could-have-been-on-Ruby-Blue side! (nb. Ruby Blue, one of the best electronic house LPs in the last decade I think). New track One Two Three is for you.

After that, a brief turn into the world of beatmakers – a free Soundcloud edit from DJ Day, and then a track of the new Budgie EP. Budgie came correct last year with a compilation of mad 80s gospel tracks, now he’s laying down beats. Nice ones.

I felt the need to go smooth this week, now that we’re at the height of the European summer. Sade (WYWRadio regular), Jose Padilla of Ibiza fame (now on International Feel), and then the legend that is Lewis, mystery man of smoothness, made one record with an amazing cover (check his hair) and then disappeared. Or did he!? Seems that someone recently found a second LP by Lewis in Canada. Also with an amazing cover! Soon to be played here, no doubt.

Derrick Hodge continues the downtempo with a track from a very eclectic LP on Blue Note, then we get a classic from another man who disappeared – Jim Sullivan. Also on Light in the Attic records like Lewis, seems it’s a label for strays.

After that, Spanish garage from teenage girls. Deers, they’re called. And they’re ace.

Fans of 80s soundtracks recorded off the TV should check the Eleventeen Eston LP on Not Not Fun, while fans of Tim Burgess and high-quality relaxing electronica should check the Seahawks LP from earlier this year, is class.

After that three practitioners of modern soul. The Fatima LP on Eglo is superb, so we’re giving you ‘Do Better’, the slept-on ‘Liquid Love’ from Chris Turner is just as good, while the new album from Jungle (er, ‘Jungle’) has a great feel and sound to it. You get ‘Accelerate’. The album’s on XL.

Two from a genius next: Larry Heard. ‘Can You Feel It?’ is a stone-cold winner, and was recently re-issued on digital and vinyl. I delved back in the collection to compliment it with something from the legendary Fingers Inc. LP from 1988 – ‘Mysteries of Love’.

Finally the uptempo stuff. Noo have a great three song EP out and you get ‘No More’, the there’s soulful house-y business from The Dedication before WYWRadio favourite Erdbeerschnitzel gives us one from his new EP called ‘The Ample Waters’.

To finish, a tribute. Mad good drummer to the jazz funk greats, and supreme artist in his own right, Idris Muhammad has passed away. It seems appropriate to play the stomer that is ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’. Just how good is this tune?


Posted on: 16-07-2014

Whattuppdow. These words are the emissaries of Adtrax 48. They describe the 2 man-hours of drunken sonatas and meticulous poems that myself & Axion 117 have blended into a sonic nectar and now lies just a link click away from percolating deliciously through your noggin’s fabled ear-gates. Upon breaching said ear-gates, Adtrax 48 promises to sally forth into the wondrous citadel of your greymatter carrying with it missives from some of the galaxies most dope sound-sorcerers and electric-feelers. Do not fear, Adtrax 48 is not an agent of capital, it wants nothing in return, only to share what it has found because it believes in the power of music and has meander-scoured the earth to bring you nuthin but the illest spreadlove to help unfurl your third-eye. If you are stirred or anyway moistened by something flowing within the waters of Adtrax 48 then please visit the delta at www.adtrax.co where you will find details of the emanation addresses of all the artists and where you can find a sht load of treasure that will make you want to pledge currency in lieu of their future voyages.

Axion117 Selection

olof melander – greetings
axion117 – turning back
luviia – rainybar
amin payne – winter in Melbourne
lord akton – move towards freedom feat verb ink
versis & bagir-ba – barista
babel metis – nocebo
canooooopy – 傘鳴らす頃には(in the umbrellic season)
kid atlaas – we shall overcome
jamevu – blackcard
kaligraph E – fonkflexin
tek nalo G – heaven knows
melodiesinfonie – sugar soul swing
harris cole – her
chiara noriko – j dilla-flowers( insrumental)
axion117 feat.goyama – one night groove
DOC mastermind – avenue d’ltalie 2.am(feat monomite)
ben bada boom x invention – vxtamxn
lexus – can’t keep loving
jill scott – golden (lidly remix)
kenja & rxn – sorry

Duchamp’s Selection

Like – Which Hazel?
ichiro – 370
B3NBi – misadventures
Busdriver – Ego Death (feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown) Prod. Jeremiah Jae
J’Von & LAKIM – lurkdynamites.comeback
18sense. & Adjaman – no strings
RICH – Aroma(ft. Jeph Anthony)[prod. by grimm doza & ฬเןl]
Green Assassin Dollar – Hidden Sun
ShunGu & SNK∆ – Shunk
Melodiesinfonie – Hey!
C Y G N x Harris Cole – Sour Bubble
Aksua – Far Away
Nullspace – aju
Karavelo – Trees
Arμ-2 -ni do ne
wūf – memories
Massive Attack – Teardrop (TUFO remix)
thad wenatchee – if i had time
Iman Omari – Take You There
Astronote – World ft. Blakk Soul & Séou
Zen¡th – Let flow in the water

Big respect and thank you to the dude Axion 117 for the dope guest mix this month.


VS 2014 – Am I ever gonna see your face again?

Posted on: 11-07-2014


Well, apparently he heals quickly and changes his mind even quicker. Yes, Kurac is still Kurac. He still is all man, all the time, and we with that shocking piece of news, we have delivered our first VS for 2014, entitled ‘No Way, Get F*cked, F*ck Off’ in honour of the Doc Neeson and the legacy he left us, most notably, how to appropriately answer the question ‘Am I Ever Gonna See your Face Again?’


We start with the wonderful Alan Hawkshaw at his dirty best matched with the sleazy sounds of San Francisco adult bookstores, recorded by the Golding Institute (well, that’s my life). Next we have the mysterious Miss X and her bawdy little jig called S-E-X. Apparently according to the internet (we let SCSI-b do all the tech stuff), Miss X is pseudonym of Count Don Jaime De Mora Y Aragon. Sounds like it to us. Next up is the straight out filthy weirdness of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Bite it, which was released in 1970 on the ‘Because Is In Your Mind’ LP and finally a mother delve in the garage rock nuggets with the Barbarians and their track, Moulty released on Laurie in 1966 Right ho, now it gets loud, grotty, snotty and pinky as we gob out three tracks, with the first being US hardcore band The Frantix from 1983 with their binge and purge of family issues. Apparently this single is worth over US$100. Not interesting, but I needed a fact to keep the whole thing balanced. I am like that. The second single is by Melbourne band Grong Grong and their cover of the Mortein Fly Spray commercial jingle, Louie the Fly. Aussies can sing it, anyone else will just think we are weird. Released on the Aberrant label in 1986, this little ditty scored an international release on Jello Biafra’s label Alternative Tentacles, more on him later. Finally we notch the punk up to 1979 and Melbourne’s The Chosen Few and their tribute to Radio Birdman leader Deniz Tek.

Now, this is the part of the show where all the filth and fury vanishes. SCSI-b is in charge of the decks now. Well, I say that all the perversion vanishes but I couldn’t really tell because we are going Espanol with this bracket. First up Mexican songstress Mariel Mariel and her cover of a Juan Cirerol song. Next we have French-Chilean artist Ana Tijoux with her track Volver, which roughly translates as ’Name of Almodovar film’ or the verb ‘return’ and finally, we El Anillo Del Capital Beto by Argentinian star Fabiana Cantilo, who recorded this track in 2012 and went big guns in Argentina. Not so big in the Malvinas.

Enough kulcha for now. Teen Love by hardcore noise band No Trend was released in 1985 on the Touch and Go label. Does God fill Teeth is a spoken word piece which morphs into a Ministry style metal track featuring Jell Biafra on vocals (and yes, the Ministry reference was kind of ‘oh der’ because Al Jorgenson from Ministry is part of LARD). Two more from Kurac now and we Kitchen and the Plastic Sppons and their eighties track ‘Happy Funeral’. Would you believe they are a Swedish post punk and this track came from 1980 and was on a,limited release of only 300 which I bet Kurac has in his ‘B-Collection’. Next up is Comix who were a French new wave band from 1981.

Let’s take it home because ole Ringfinger here is getting tired, getting annoyed that they wouldn’t let him put any of his prime cuts on the barbie this week and getting worried that the beer is down ‘Premium Quality’ label on his imported Heineken. Swish, eh? Money is of course a Pink Floyd song, from the “Dark Side of the Moon’ record. All things easy there, so far. But Galactic Symposium are not, as far as I know, Pink Floyd, there were in fact a favourite of John Peel and there is a far funnier description of them here http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Galactic_Symposium. Next up is Sampson. Oh we have waited so long to bring you this. This comes from the very dark ages of internet music distribution, from the wonderfully eclectic MP3.com. Back in the days when you would queue up 10 songs to download overnight. MP3.com was a free site of thousands of home made tracks, think Soundcloud without all the wanker DJs. Sampson put out three tracks. This is the best and it is a tribute to why America is and always will be great. Please, enjoy this song.

Finally we pay tribute to legends of Australian music, Jim Keays from Masters Apprentices and Doc Neeson from the Angels who passed away last week. Our musical tradition is poorer without but so much richer because of them. MA were one of the early Aussie psych bands and this song never fails to get moving and the Angels were a good rocking outfit and this song is certainly one of the unofficial anthems of the country, especially the refrain from the audience, which secretly EVERY AUSSIE KNOWS. Until 2017, VS out.

Sounds of the San Francisco Adult Bookstores b/w Beat me until I am blue – Alan Hawkshaw
S-E-X – Miss X
Bite it – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Moulty – The Barbarians
My dads a fucking alcoholic – The Frantix
Louie the Fly – Grong Grong
Disco Tek Wreck (dedicated to Deniz) – The Chosen Few
Toque y Rol – Mariel Mariel
Volver – Ana Tijoux
El Anillo Del Capital Beto – Fabiana Cantilo
Teen Love – No Trend
Can God fill teeth – LARD
Happy Funeral – Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
Walkman Video – Comix
Money – Galactic Symposium
America is my home – Sampson
Turn up your radio – Masters Apprentices
Am I ever gonna see your face again (Live 1988) – The Angels


Posted on: 30-06-2014

All over the place on WYWRadio #67. Kate Bush returns to the stage this summer apparently, so it was time for her to front WYWR – the awesome ‘Cloudbursting’ from the Hounds of Love album. A good start.

New stuff from lo-fi guitar hero Alex G, and more new stuff from balearic guitar heroes Paqua. Both LPs came out out in the last month and both are worth getting – click on the links to buy!

Taylor Mcferrin has a new one on Brainfeeder and here you’re getting ‘Place in My Heart’ featuring the distinctively voiced RYAT. Superb production as always and the same can be said for KZA who gives us a smooth edit that rolls along like summer.

Followed by a tempo drop – Beck had an album out this year and it’s one of his slower offerings. The track here is ‘Morning’, and it’s complemented by the first of two Ole Smokey edits – this one of Damien Jurado’s ‘Maraqopa’. Smooth.

Proving he can do a bit quicker on the edit front though, Ole Smokey then drops a sweet rub of Teena Marie’s ‘You Make Love Like Springtime’ which I’ve paired with a nice unreleased version of ‘Hot Fun’ by Dee Dee Sharp – another one of those Sunshine Sounds 12s appeared last month with some rare disco action. Worth a look!

80s action from Shannon courtesy of a breakdance comp the peeps over at Vinyl Sodomy, then the brilliant Alicia Myers track that’s been sampled by quite a few folks (I like what the Dead Rose Music Company did with it), then a find courtesy of a recent Theo Parrish/Gilles Peterson podcast – Voyage’s ‘I Love You Dancer’.

Jazz from Donald Byrd with the Mizell brothers on production and writing duties, and then a track for the recently departed Horace Silver – plenty of good stuff from him over the years, I’m choosing a vocal cut which I’ve always loved and played out ‘Wipe Away the Evil’

Something completely different from Grimes. Go!

Tempo. It’s taken down a notch for a bit – Lord of the Isles has been called pastoral techno (!) and Koan Sound are new to me but both work together well here, segueing as they do into the new one from the always awesome Floating Points – for he is King Bromeliad.

A great new compilation came out on CTR records recently called ‘A Crushing Glow’ – put together by the artist (he paints birds and wildlife, among other things) Matt Sewell. Definitely a pastoral vibe across the lp but the one I’ve picked has more than a touch of late 80s/early 90s acid. It is called ‘Falling Acid’.

And it lets us in for the road home: new track from the excellent Lone LP on R&S, two 90s monsters from Joey Negro’s new Italo House compilation, and an excellent 2014 throwback track from Sir Stephen on House of Silk. Makes for a nice ending….but there’s still time for the 9 minute monster ‘Giant’ from The The’s 1983 album Soul Mining.

That’s it for another month. Enjoy!


Posted on: 15-06-2014

Adtrax 47 & I promise it’s not world cup themed. This month I’m on a bicycle made for two with King of SwayBap – yrs*trly, a super talented cat from Orlando {put your own fkn joke about Seaworld here} who you will be hearing a lot about in the future, no doubt. Dude has delivered a little nugget of a mix that’s wee but as dense as fkn osmium crystals or summat.

So an entrée from me containing one from the excellent new Taylor McFerrin album, a track from Cvd’s excellent ‘Surgical Golsmith’ album and another taster from the extremely special Stanely Ipkuss and Ewonee Thee Beatnik record that has been constant noise in my headphones all month. It also contains nuts.

So to the feast, the nouvelle cuisine. Plenty yrs*trly crew represented here with dopeness from Native Feel and an ill exclusive from language. Everything is tasty but there are bigguns from tuf luv and rxn and two sneaky peeks from yrs*truly hibadself. Love it, and skits as well, how I love skits.

So then me again for the rest of the show. There’s Hip Hop including ‘Nightstalkers’ off the brill Mindsone & Kev Brown album (shouts to ELU for the headsup on that and the new Ratking) and one from UK’s finest Cappo. Beats from the bsd.u & howiewonder from their uwonder project, 2 from the might of Constrobuz and possibly my favourite track of the month from Zeroh off the lateste ace Earwax Fizzica release. Snuck another exclusive off the monster new Blameful Isles on at the end after one from Hermutt Loby’s meganext Baraki joint. There’s a lot more, but if I keep writing I’ll start talking about Ross Barkley. So enjoy.

Almighty thanks to yrs*trly for the co-curation on this one.

Next month we unleash the full force of Shuya Sato, AKA Axion 117 on Adtrax 48 plus some before that some goodies in the shape of a suitably outthere interview with bsd.u.

Enjoy enjoy

Starter Menu by Duchamp

Taylor McFerrin – Postpartum

Constrobuz – Hello!
Cvd – Daymow ft. Khryo
G.R.I.M.M. – Vortex (Feat. GRiMM Doza & Karl Sin) [Prod. ƑLAXEED]
greenassassindollar. – talking’bout it
Stanley Ipkuss & ewonee thee beatnik – citynights

Main Course by yrs*trly

native feel – Brooklyn
tuff luv – i don’t care
side c – mochi
yeek – midnight run
adi raja – huye nagowa
juj – summer
tantra – rawld
yrstrly – stilstuk
rxn – alma
language – ?
yrstrly – everything right
dibia$e – its my world

Dessert Trolley by Duchamp

Open Mike Eagle – Doug Stamper (Advice Raps) (feat. Hannibal Buress)
MindsOne & Kev Brown – Nightstalkers
Organized Konfusion – SomehowSomeway (Je$u$ Remix)
Handbook – Special To Me (Eternally)
Sorceress – Freeloadoubt
AbJo – OFD (One For Dilla)
Insightful – I Can See
Kaelin Ellis – 7teen/Another Beat
Intriga – My Programming [MST]
Bobby Tank – Learn from You
Metome – Mother Data 2
SAINT PEPSI – Polymorphously Perverse
Spellwrks and deadxbeat – Nightlight
Iman Omari – Bars w/ Cav
SWARVY – Overtime
u.wonder – didn’t know
Linn Mori – All Of A Sudden
Cappo – Kitted Out
Oliver – raw1
Constrobuz – One Thousand Embers
The Invaderz – The Ascent
Herrmutt Lobby – Baraki
Blameful Isles – Nadil Goya’s Melody House

Soundtracks and Other Expletives – Dash Dash One

Posted on: 08-06-2014


OK, so VS is clearly on a small hiatus whilst Kurac undergoes the transformation surgery she has been wanting for decades. We look forward to welcoming our new DJ’ette, yet to be named. So Ringfinger got itchy cratedigging fingers and put this little shebang together.

This is the (slight) return of Soundtracks and other Expletives, the radio show first heard on 2RRR around the turn of the century. This show eventually morphed and became a variety of other weird Sh!t shows, like VS and Fabrication De Bruit, but in this incarnation it was Ringfinger’s show that played all a whole lot of stuff they liked, had just purchased or had wanted to highlight some of the connections between the tracks. So, here it goes, listen, enjoy, feedback and rock the house down. Some random thoughts, lots of cool French at the top, none of which we would DJ with, too smooth, too sexy. Then some Krautrock with Faust from a RSD release last year. The we whack the country bug with the Possum himself, George Jones, the beautiful Connie Smith and the impossibly talented Tammy Wynette.

Gene Clark, erstwhile Byrd penned this brilliant track from 4AD superband, This Mortal Coil, which we follow up with a Tim Buckley cover. Modern Giant is a Sydney band from 2007, this is a song that most Sydneysiders get, why do we want to move to Melbourne? Really? Trams and Angie Hart. From the band Frente, which is next with their stunning new Order Cover. Mogwai from their Earth Division EP is followed up with NZ post-rock band Jakob off their superlative ‘Subset of Sets’ record leaving us Muddy Waters doing Big Bill Broonzy, Primal Scream doing Sonic’s Rendezvous Band (for Rock Action) and the Angels doing ‘Take a Long Line’ (for Doc – RIP)

69 Année Erotique – Serge Gainsbourg
Holidays – Michel Polnareff
Je Te Cherche – Françoise Hardy
Beyond Cloud Hill (A Faust Improvisation 2009) – Faust
I’ll walk the line – George Jones
Will the real me please stop crying – Connie Smith
Stand by your man – Tammy Wynette
Strengths of Strings – This Mortal Coil
Morning Glory – This Mortal Coil
Angie Hart – Modern Giant
Bizarre Love Triangle – Frente
Letter to France – Mogwai
Nice day for an earthquake – Jakob
Southbound Train – Muddy Waters
City Slang – Primal Scream
Take a Long Line – The Angels


Posted on: 02-06-2014

Selections inspired by a few inspirations this time out. Kicking off with The Time and Morris Day and the whole Minneapolis sound thing – WYWRadio went to see Prince the other week and got mighty nostalgic for this sound. You get Wild and Loose (sadly I cut it off before the end of the song where Morris Day, ever-preening, declares ‘Somebody get me a mirror!) and then Fishnet from Morris on his own in 1987. Mmmm, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Beats this week courtesy of Apollo Brown and Yassin Gaye who really is Yasin Bey aka Mos Def except he’s been mixed together with Marvin Gaye and it’s all good. Following that – new free download Jay Electronica. Ah, it’s his usual style but who cares when it’s this good!? Wonder if he’ll ever drop an lp…

Les McCann is someone I haven’t really explored fully yet, seems he’s done a ton of LPs so there’s some homework to do. This time out we’re bringing you ‘Let it Lay’ and following it with Joe Cocker of all people. Joe Cocker, on WhatYouWant Radio! Super backing vocal track, with Leon Russell on piano. All in.

A quiet storm of bubbly eletronics from Now Now Now, then some classic Spanish-y guitar from The Two Mamarrachos, then some more tinkly electronics from Mr. Marvin. Now that’s what some folk call Balearic.

Little Dragon and Maria Minerva have new LPs out and they are both worth a listen. Here we’re playing ‘Paris’ off of the LD record, and the first track from MM’s ‘Histrionic’ album, is called ‘The Beginning’.

Beats and stuff next, speeding up a little – Leon Vynehall is an Ad Trax trip, love the ‘Goodthing’ track and I hope you do too. Following that, two from 100% Silk who really must be one of the most played labels on this show – something new from Octo Octa, and then a cut from Strategy’s ‘Boxology’ album. Both rock in a good house way, and prepare the ground for a little kinda Larry Levan tribute-type thing. While the new cut from La Companie Creole is my choice, the next three from Eddy Grant, Brass Construction and Donald Byrd were all heard at the recent Larry Levan way street party held in New York. I wish I could tell I was there but I watched it on my laptop. It was just like being there. Almost.

To finish: a cheeky Bee Gees edit and then the excellent ‘Starlight’ by Moonstarr. And that was WYWRadio 66. Cheers! (and remember you can head on over for a full track listing at www.whatyouwantradio.com Click on the links onto buy the tunes)


Posted on: 17-05-2014

So here we are full of Mayness already. New show for you, an hour of brand spanking new sht from me and then an hour mix courtesy of homie Blameful Isles aka Honks Burry, who has blessed us with an inspirations mix. More on that innabit.

So I had to kick the show off with the Scoop De Ville produced leak off the new Fatima album on Eglo. Like old Georgie Benson says I got love x love for this new project, it’s going to drop the people’s elbow and count out most other album’s out this year fosho. Just an album of Fatima is almost too much for me, let alone when it’s produced by Floating Points and I think has Theo Parrish on it n all. Oof.

So much good music again this month, I basically had to close my eyes and pin the tail on the donkey…if my playlist was a donkey and my the pin was…my mind.

Anyway, I got spiffy new beats for you from Aru2, Sir Froderick flippin Andwele G, 2 languid beauts from Chambry and axion117. New music from our boy Spacedtime, and two corkers from the latest Raw Tapes comp; some dope innovation from Beno and some righteous fire from the super talented KerenDun. There’s a sneak courtesy of Blameful Isles of the forthcoming epicness of his new album plus the swangtabulous ‘when.ur.gone’ by bsd.u.
Of course, there’s some Kaelin Ellis. I don’t know what to say about Kaelin Ellis. It shouldn’t make any difference that he is 16, but seriously this new album on Collective Res. How?
Hip Hop obviously: my standout off the new Pharoah Monche, Jewbei’s Heltah Skeltah rework (buss your head to the white meat), one from ‘Pinata’ plus lots a utha ish. Quick shout out to Notuv for the remix of Mario I finish my section with, have a quick listen to the original before you dive in so you can get the full flavour of what an incredible remix it is!

So to a man like Blameful Isles. We’ve been keeping crazy tabs on this guy for aeons from the spire of ADTRAX towers like some jazz coveting Sauron murfos. You might know him better as Honks Burry, and we love the Honks alias, but being deeply perverted in the ways of the cosmos, of course we have an even bigger penchant for the man’s releases for Urban Waves under his Blameful Isles moniker. Been lucky enough to get a snifter of the new album, and fk, doff your pork pie hats people, this cat does not have it in him to even think about fkn about. Its epic, it’s mad brave, its his contemporary beatmaker’s version of avant-gard/spiritual/free-jazz, it’s the nuts. Will keep you posted on the release date through www.adtrax.co where extra goodies will be appearing shortly in the form of an interview and some other nutrition.

So to his mix. No prizes for guessing its got jazz as its power source. Strap yourself in and do the whole thing in one sitting, do not flinch, do not skip, just let your ears eat some different food, a balanced diet is very good for you, especially when it is Swedish Jazz. So we literally kick off! with Christian Scott having at us with some Blackadder theme tune/Tom Waits carve up shenanigans and then get deeper still with beauts from the Eje Thelin Group, the barnstorming ‘Ando’ by Björn J:son Lindh & Janne Schaffer, the ace prog-folk-funk of Gentle Giant, and music from what should be everyone’s favourite band – the mighty Can. There are inspirations from Antony Braxton (I don’t know why he wasn’t in the Braxtons?) Hancock and DeJonette plus all manner other goodies for your sonic palette. Big big thanks to Isles for sharing the musical inspiration and wisdom. Go check him on his Soundcloud page here.

That’s it then. Big sharts to yrs*trly, Chambry and Blameful for bequeathing us the unreleased business this calendar munf.

Next show we will be on the collabo with Orlando’s only yrstrly. Looking forward to that.

Soon. Duchamp.


Posted on: 06-05-2014

A little late this time out due to a heavy travelling schedule. Plenty of tunes picked up in the past few months though, so lots of new old vinyl for show 65!

Before we get into that though, the new single from Jungle. XL Records have these guys, I went out and bought their previous two singles on the strength of ‘Busy Earnin’’ – check!

Midnight Marauders, TCQ’s third LP turned 20 last year so I’ve dug out ‘Award Tour’ for you – still sounds marvelous. Get the LP if you slept on it back in the day is WYWR’s advice.

Apollo Brown is a tip from Ad Trax – and how! I understand new LP came out this week, will be getting that and I suggest you do too.

Then we go 1.5 hours of vinyl recorded in the company of Domammu back at the end of March – how we were flying. It’s a mix that’s heavy on the classic sound, made up of bits and pieces I’d found recently in Seattle, Amsterdan and Leiden, along with some bits dug out from the main collection. Lewis Taylor (good God, Lewis Taylor was ahead of his time), America, (check the Wichita Lineman lift) Deniece Williams (Stepney on the production), Bob James (mucho sampled), Les Mcann and Eddie Harris (live!), John Klemmer (jazz!), Young Holt Unlimited and Charles Earland (more jazz!), Quincy Jones (60s soundtrack king), Johnny Guitar Watson (has a hard head), Elkin and Nelson (Vamonos!), Batteaux (Balearic!), Crosby, Stills and Nash (bearded), Steely Dan (Toolan’s favourite guitar solo), Bill Withers (Beedle on the edit), Candido (super-rare) and finally ELO (just super). Hope you enjoy this.

Not much more to say except that Delorean Dynamite is off the ace new Todd Terje lp and Calabria is the kinda house that WYWR likes very much, out on 100% Silk. Big love to all, hope the spring is properly sprung if you’re in the north, and that it’s not got too cold too soon in the south. Onwards to #66!